Started Permaculture On My Backyard, Will It Works?

Nowadays, society are more aware of the quality of food that they consume because even though we have plentiful source of food, we should think back about how they produce. For instance, on plant based product, commonly, farmers using high amount of pesticide to get rid of pest on their crops, however, it will harmful for our body in the long term.

Frankly, gardening is one of my hobby. I love to plant all things from seeds since I was in high school, because it always fascinating to see them grow until it produce fruits/vegetables. Moreover, I am really conscious about sustainability and food production system that I think, on the mass production, we still depend so much on chemical substance which, again not only dangerous for environment (deteriorating of soils quality, pest resistance, killed another non-pest insect), but also for human.

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I started to plant few things half year ago such as basil, red Russian kale, dwarf green kale, corn, chili, tomato, celery, moringa, turmeric, lemongrass, green pare, cucumber, and ginger. Those vegetables and herbs are provide about approximately 5–10% of my family needs.

Then, I decided to start my own permaculture about one week ago because I was thinking this is the best way to provide at least 30–40% of food for my family, especially my mother who usually drink infused water everyday which it will hazardous for her if she drink an infused water from vegetables with pesticide residue inside of it.

Yes, I will start this permaculture as well as side project for sustainable living, including composting and keep updated on this platform and my instagram (at-mellanord).

Will this projects work? I hope so, and wish me luck!